Zoey is the main protagonist in Littletown. She solves problems for the people and animals that live in Littletown and she occasionally travels to other towns and has adventures there.

Home Edit

Zoey lives at The Haunted Hotel, in a room on the 8th floor. Her room is small. She has a tiny kitchen, a bathroom, and small desk, and a bed. Her neighbors include Minguin and Binguin, and Little Old Man Steve.

Outfits Edit

Zoey has a few special outfits that she wears for special occasions.

Rain and Snow Edit

When it is rainy, Zoey wears a yellow rain coat, green rain boots, and matching pink hat, scarf, and mittens. Her coat also has a hood.

When it's snowing, Zoey wears a pink snowsuit and fuzzy green snow boots. She wears pink hat, scarf, and mittens.

Flossy Flash Edit

When Zoey battles ninjas, she wears her Little Dragons uniform and becomes Flossy Flash.

Bathing Suit Edit

When Zoey goes swimming in the river with Silly Shark, she wears a green and yellow bathing suit.

Work Edit

Ghost Cafe Edit

Zoey works at the Ghost Cafe at the Haunted Hotel. She mostly works in the kitchen as the cook. Her specialty is Extra Spicy Tacos with Extra Spicy Sauce, which are served at lunch and dinnertime every Tuesday.

She has a special green apron that she wears to protect her outfit.

Farmers' Market Edit

Zoey and Panda sell crafts at the Farmers' Market on Saturdays. Zoey makes special gold decorations called Starlicious which make light like a candle (but aren't dangerous) and smell like yummy cake.

Babysitting Edit

Zoey babysits Kit when Dr. Fox is out of down. Kit sits at the Ghost Cafe until closing time and then walks to his house to get ready for bed. If Zoey isn't working, she meets Kit when he gets home from school and makes spaghetti with sprinkle cheese for dinner.

Physicians Assistant Edit

Zoey often accompanies Dr. Fox when he leaves town to important medical work.

Adventures Edit

Zoey has many adventures. She finds lost things, fixes broken things, and protects the town from ninjas.